June 4, 2018


  • Curricula of the  blended-learning mentoriship and career guidance training course

The curricula ”How to become a good mentor for young people (18+) working as nurses,  social workers, and teachers”  will be elaborated for the online training and face to face course, and it will include formal and non formal methods of learning about mentorship and career guidance.​







  • ICT materials for the online blended-learning mentorship  and career guidance skills training course

ICT materials will be elaborated in accordance with the curricula created at O1, and it will be used for the online modules of mentorship and career guidance skills training course.​

  • Mentorship skills and career guidance learning materials  and methodology for face to face youth blended-learning training course

The learning material will provide the opportunity for participants to  consolidate and complement the knowledge, skills and experiences already achieved during the online course.​

  • Guidelines for professional peer-coaching

The material will contain theoretical knowledge to define the concept of professional peer-coaching, the process of peer-coaching and its benefits on learners and practical guidelines on the way students, volunteers, internship participants and young professional could share their professional experiences, concerns, ideas with colleagues and to provide them guidance, feedback and suggestions.​

  • Best practice collection for gender balance and non-discrimination in career guidance

The collection will have theoretical sections and case studies collected in organization experience and  the benefits of gender balance at organizational and society level  for each partner country’s.​

  • Online Platform and pilot the youth blended-learning mentorship and career guidance skills training

The on-line training platform will be used for blended mobility of young people mentoriship and career guidance training course, and it will be available for the on-line courses in all the 6 languages of the participating countries.

IO 2- Online Courses Platform – https://onlinementor.eu/platform/

IO- 3

IO3_Face to face learning materials RO

IO3_Face to face learning materials SL

IO3_Face to face learning materials_BG

IO3_Face to face learning materials_CZ

IO3_Face to face learning materials EN

IO3_Face to face learning materials LT

IO- 4

Online Mentor_IO4 Guidelines for peer-coaching