June 4, 2018

About the project


Online MENTOR will facilitate employability and transition of young people over 18  from youth to adulthood, increasing their level of job-competences and entrepreneurship skills. Creating  Mentorship and career guidance skills, training course will provide youth trainers, youth workers, practice mentors and teachers the opportunity to develop a role model  sharing knowledge and advice to help young people over 18, students , volunteers, interns and young employees grow professionally by means of an up to date innovative and attractive curricula and ICT methodology for nurses, social workers and teachers.


The work-based learning competencies they will have the chance to acquire will prove extremely useful in their everyday job practice, which will improve the services provided to patients and beneficiaries, their cooperation with co-workers and supervisors, as well as their sense of self-efficacy and employability.The project participants will benefit from validated standardized innovative ICT  mentorship and career guidance training program at  international level.

Online MENTOR aims at raising awareness on  social inclusion and gender balance in career guidance among youth trainers, youth workers teachers, practice mentors, as well as students, volunteers, interns, and young professionals  from nursing, social work, teaching, professions which are mainly feminine, by disseminating the Best practice collection for gender balance and non-discrimination in career guidance. It will generate awareness on gender issues, positive behaviours, tolerance, acceptance of diversity.


​The main target groups of the project – nurses, teachers, social workers mentors, practice, volunteers  and internship participants supervisors –  will have the chance to acquire new knowledge, skills and practice extremely useful in their everyday job practice, which will improve the quality of education and career guidance provided to their  students, volunteers internees.

The project will have an important on the secondary target groups – students, volunteers, young professionals- positively influencing their adaptation to the job conditions, their professional performance, as well as their sense of well being, job satisfaction and personal development. On the whole the project activities and outputs will improve the services provided to end-users, patients/beneficiaries. They will also receive international validation of the knowledge and skills.


  • to strengthen the connection between theoretical knowledge and practice in training, by producing  curricula, contents and ICT materials and developing a flexible, widely usable and creative blended-learning training methodology designed for career guidance and for training mentors among young people over 18, at the beginning of their career;
  • to create a network of specialized  trainers on mentorship  and provide training to trainers, teachers, volunteer and internship participants supervisors for young trainees;
  • to develop professional competences and entrepreneurial skills of  learners and young professionals through elaboration and dissemination of the professional peer coaching guidelines, but also through aspects related to entrepreneurship introduced in learning material;
  • to enhance tolerance, equality, gender balance, and social cohesion through best practice collection for gender balance and non-discrimination in career guidance.


​The direct target groups implied in training and dissemination activities of online mentor are youth trainers,  youth workers, teachers, practice responsibles/ mentors interested to acquire knowledge, to learn practices and to improve their skills for becoming mentors for young people over 18 at the beginning of their career, students, volunteers, internship participants from Romania, Czech republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania;

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You can download the project’s leaflet in your own language here:

Online Mentor Leaflet in Czech

Online Mentor Leaflet in Romanian

Online Mentor Leaflet in Slovenian

Online Mentor Leaflet in Lithuanian

Online Mentor Leaflet in Bulgarian